Key Areas of Focus

Taney County Partnership focuses on addressing the needs and opportunities of new and existing business, expanding businesses, fostering workforce development and supporting an entrepreneurial culture while advocating for a business-friendly climate throughout the region.

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Business Retention and Expansion

Facilitating the expansion and retention of existing business and industry is the backbone of every successful economic development program. We realize that more than 80% of all new jobs traditionally created by existing companies and provide the tools and resources necessary to help our regional businesses expand and thrive. 

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Small Business and Entrepreneurial Development

Promoting and supporting the development of local ventures seeks to create new jobs, identify new leaders and brings innovation to the region. Looking inward, we strive to capitalize on the entrepreneurial strengths and passions of local residents and businesses while finding new economic engines to complement the legacy of Missouri’s Ozark Region.

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Workforce Development

Business productivity is largely dependent on the quality of talent and workforce skill sets to determine its profitability and ultimate success. We continuously seek innovative ways to strengthen the local talent pool to match the needs of local and regional employers and provide support and guidance to employers facing workforce challenges.

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Business/Industry Attraction & Marketing

The decision to establish or relocate a business to a community often depends on the speed and accuracy of information provided. Successful communities are driven by effective, ongoing marketing and recruitment programs backed by thorough follow-up mechanisms. The availability of industrial and business sites is a critical factor for companies seeking to establish operations.

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Project Management

The Partnership provides local assistance, expertise and collaboration to any business, entity or individual looking to invest capital or create jobs in Taney County. This can take many forms during the project lifecycle, so we help to identify the resources necessary to meet business goals.  


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